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The Institute's seminars introduce participants to the methodology of Objective Hermeneutics by helping them improve their methodological skills. We ask participants to bring along material relevant to their work. We analyze this material (including interviews, letters, publications, photographs, family data including genealogies etc.) in the seminar. In this way, workshop will focus on the participants' concrete research questions and problems. Interpretations and possible solutions are developed from the material at hand. As we introduce participants to using methodology's toolset, we also introduce them to the theoretical reasons for using them. The focus, however, remains on learning how explicate latent assumptions in, and implications of, the material at hand.

We offer courses for scholars in the humanities and in the social sciences and to practicioners in various fields such as social work. While courses normally are held in German, we offer seminars/workshops in English upon request. Please contact us for details.

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